Top 5 Most Popular Online Doctor Games

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who or dream of becoming one, you’ll be delighted to know there are plenty of games out there which will give you the feeling of being inside the TARDIS. From 3D adventures to VR titles, we’ve collected the best Doctor Who games of all time so that you can experience time travel adventures without ever having to leave home.

TV/Movie Tie-In Games

Unfortunately, it’s often the case for developers to throw together a game based on a popular television or movie franchise with little care and attention to detail. Unfortunately, when it comes to Doctor Who games, this history of disappointing experiences dates back decades – The First Adventure being one of the worst; released in 1983 on BBC Micro console and featuring ugly visuals along with poor construction quality, The First Adventure proved an absolute waste of time for anyone hoping for an enjoyable Doctor Who-themed adventure.

Another mediocre Doctor Who game was The Runaway, released in 2010 for both PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. While it features an engaging story and some impressive gameplay elements, it feels like it was rushed out the door in order to be a quick and cheap success.

The Surgeon Simulator is an excellent game to download if you’re eager to learn how to operate on patients. You’ll have the chance to rip a patient’s chest apart with your scalpel, perform surgery on different organs such as the heart, kidney, liver and more with this interactive simulation.

Other games to try include Big Pharma, which puts players in charge of a huge hospital with an extensive network of doctors and nurses. You must ensure all patients receive proper treatment while keeping up with the growth of your facility.

Doctor Games For Kids

Children have access to an array of doctor games, and these are some of the most popular! These interactive games will teach them about medical treatments and help them practice interfacing with patients.

These doctor games are accessible across all major platforms, so there’s no need to worry about not finding them. Play them on your PC, laptop or even on your phone!

Animals Who Need Doctors

If you’re a fan of animals, there are plenty of doctor games for them too. These titles will feature animals in need of medical care and require you to help them recover quickly from any injuries they’ve sustained. Animals Who Want A Doctor
Animal fans won’t want to miss out on any doctor games!

Other games for animals require them to undergo surgery, so these are an ideal opportunity to teach children what it takes to become a doctor and how they can provide assistance to others by fixing things.